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Forest Road

PersonaL Growth

Guiding AAPI and BIPOC folks more towards the things they care about

Do you feel stuck or constantly "falling behind?"
Is it difficult for you to treat yourself kindly?
Are you unsure of what your purpose is?
Do you feel useless if you are not producing?
Does life feel mundane and meaningless?

Capitalism and colonialism have set us up for failure. We have been conditioned to believe that our worth comes from our work, not from who we are. We have forgotten how to find rhythms of rest, how to slow down, and how to really connect with our bodies. As the saying goes, "you cannot pour from an empty cup." If you have been hard on yourself for not keeping up with society's "never-satisfying" standards, ask yourself what it is that you truly want to live for.

Values are your internal compass towards
meaning and purpose

If modern culture is all about chasing the carrot in front of your face or mindlessly climbing ladders, you still have a choice in how you want to show up. I will help you identify what your core values are and how to help your actions feel in alignment with said values through an anti-racial, social justice lens.

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