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A room of grace for those seeking freedom & authenticity

Telehealth and EMDR therapy for adults

Tend to your needs.

Nourish your soul.

Refine what was once shattered.

Channel the fire that was within you all along.

Welcome! I'm Hannah Alcoba.


I started Tend & Refine Counseling to help those who are stuck and hurting from damaging "truths" they learned early on in life. Things that no longer serve them today and are hindering them from living with freedom and authenticity.

You may have been told that your voice doesn't matter.
You may have experienced inadequacy in relationships.
You may have been shamed for thinking or believing differently.
You may have felt like your emotions were not safe or welcomed.
You may have thought that there's something fundamentally wrong with you.

I desire to see the ingrained messages of hurt transform into healing truths and life affirmations. I want you to know that at your deepest core, you were designed to always move towards healing whether you realize it or not. A cut on your finger will naturally heal over time. Emotional pain leads to incredible resiliency

Wherever you are at in your journey towards healing, you have permission to show up as you are. You will be met with compassion as you share your story.

Please briefly tell me what you are looking for, and I will reach out to you!
I look forward to connecting!

Thanks for submitting!

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