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Trauma Counseling

Helping to integrate your whole being- mind, body, and spirit

Background on Trauma

When you experience harm of any kind (it doesn't have to just be big T trauma events), your body holds and remembers it. What I mean by that is, you may have intellectually "moved on" from that past traumatic experience, but the slightest inconvenience might trigger a huge response in you today. The younger version of yourself that experienced that hurt is showing up in your adult body. The trauma lives in the cells of your body, and manifests anytime you experience a similar situation that reminds you of the original incident.

Your body was created and designed to be your fierce protector and did its best to protect you at the time of the traumatic event. However, when you're not in actual danger today, but your body believes you are, that can leave you extremely exhausted when you want to live a life of vitality.

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) and Lifespan Integration (LI), two modalities I offer, work at processing through those traumatic memories at the core level, dismantling the beliefs that were formed like "I am worthless" or "I'm never going to be good enough"  and instilling truth that it wasn't your fault or that you did the best you could.

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