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Church Interior

Faith-Based Counseling

Cultivating space for you to process your Christian faith or spirituality

Do you long for counseling that integrates your faith and mental health?
Do you desire to see more of how Jesus is working in your life?
Or perhaps you have questions and wonderings about your beliefs?
Have you been harmed by your local church?

Or maybe you're somewhere else on the spectrum on this journey of knowing and being in relationship with Creator. Sometimes the church doesn't feel like a safe space to explore your doubts or, you've tried and received responses like "you simply lack faith" or "you just need to pray harder." You might feel incredible shame for even questioning your faith and feel a sense of deep isolation from others and the Trinity. If this is you, I am here to remind you that...

You were created in His image and He sees you.

Embodying the truths of the Gospel are not easy in the least bit. Here, your questions are welcomed. All parts of you are welcome. As an Asian American Christian, I will meet you with compassion and grace, while incorporating Gospel truth through integrative ways. We will create room for both lament and praise, sorrow and joy and increase your rootedness to Life.

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